AMA BRASIL and Jamaican singer Marion K sign a partnership to translate this website into English

Atualizado: 12 de abr.

"Now we can deliver to native English speakers, a translation worthy of those who have the understanding of people born under the English language culture, without having to use electronic application resources and automatic translators, which distort the interpretation of the original texts" - explains Hermann Palmeira, president of AMA BRASIL

They jointly assumed a partnership to translate this website into english, AMA BRASIL's president Hermann Palmeira, and the Jamaican singer, Marion K, famous for her international hits and known for her musical and cultural exchange achievements in Brazil, where she registers extensive participation of her art in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, being native to the English language and culture. The object of the partnership is to explore the interpretation of original texts in each language, avoiding distortion generated by electronic tools, such as applications and automatic translators, frequently used in today's market.

News publication for this website was interrupted for a few weeks to avoid content growth, seeking to complete the full translation of all pages and ambience. During the preparation process, translation of static and dynamic content was adjusted to adapt the work format and details used to attain the goal, completed today, 3rd of April, 2022. Having the opportunity to disclose 100% of our actions bilingually, Portuguese-English, we are careful to produce reliable content in ways we write and think of topics covered.

As a result of this work, there will be a daily news release as of May 01, 2022 (2022/05/01), when AMA BRASIL begins to deliver simultaneously and uninterruptedly daily news in both languages. Understanding the natural demand of the consumer’s news markets in real-time and without illogical and mechanical distortion of the facts, we provide knowledge, opportunity and accessible information for more than 2 billion natives locally and internationally.

Follow the new information and news on this AMA BRASIL website, and learn about the upcoming projects to be implemented in partnership with Jamaican singer Marion K, where an English-Portuguese language social course system will be launched soon, with free programs , subsidized and paid by donors, with different modalities and degrees of knowledge at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. It is an opportunity for social access, selecting several associates and people who need this teaching resource, enabling thousands of people to obtain certification of the English language.