AMA BRASIL, FECAP & JCI Brazil-Japan complete 3 years of the revitalization of 'Largo da Pólvora'

Revitalization of ‘Largo da Pólvora’ (June 2018 article)

Under the responsibility of the Álvares Penteado School of Commerce Foundation – FECAP, JCI Brazil – Japan and Greenline Latina America and AMA BRASIL, in celebration of its 40th anniversary of the inauguration of ‘Largo da Pólvora’ space, underwent renovation on the lake, with the implementation of new landscaping at the cost of R$ 257 thousand, without any charge to the municipal. The square will be under the care of companies for 36 months.

The trees and shrubs present in the space were preserved, with native species of our flora and that of Japan planted, such as black grass, moray eels, marantas, mini Japanese Ixora and more. In addition, eight benches that were inexistent in the contemplative garden in the original project are now installed, with fifty-three signposts for the public.

"The recovery of living spaces such as ‘Largo da Pólvora’ rescues the sensations of harmonization, social and cultural balance for the residents and visitors of the city of São Paulo, say Hermann Palmeira, president of AMA BRASIL and Greenline Latam."

Concrete was applied in the lakes to fill the existing cracks for later application of waterproofing material. The lakes received a coating with special non-toxic paint. Biological, mechanical, chemical and ultraviolet system filters installed in the water, with a filtration system to guarantee quality ensuring the health of the Koi carp. One of the existing waterfalls in one of the lakes had its hydraulic system restored. The metal structures of the bridge received special paint, levelling of the floor that made the site smooth and accessible. Safety increased with the lighting in the monuments refurbished with reflectors. Cooperators also maintained a nocturnal guard on site.

"Participation of FECAP in the ‘Largo da Pólvora’ Revitalization Project is yet another demonstration of our gratitude to the Japanese community. They have always entrusted us with training generations of Japanese, Nikkei with their descendants highlighted Prof. Dr Taiguara Langrafe, vice-rector of FECAP."

President of JCI Brazil – Japan, Patrícia Murakami, points out the greatness this project has achieved, involving government, civil society and private entities. "Restoration of the square provides space for environmental education and the consequent reduction in crime in the area, maintaining the well-being of the population living in its surroundings."

According to Hermann Palmeira, CEO of Greenline Latina America and AMA BRASIL, "the recovery of living spaces such as ‘Largo da Pólvora’ rescues the sensations of harmonization, social and cultural balance for residents and visitors to the city of São Paulo".

Fonte: Prefeitura de São Paulo/Source: São Paulo City Hall.

Largo da Pólvora Website

The website created for Largo da Pólvora revitalization, an initiative of their collaborators, to advertise the themes of this space, is available at ""

Termination or renewal of the cooperation agreement

The term of cooperation between the parties ends within three years period, June 2021. A decision will be concluded between the cooperators and the City Hall of São Paulo (Prefeitura Municipal de São Paulo) on this date, whether the term of cooperation of maintenance and care for this public space will be renewed or terminated.